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Raul & Christopher Brito
South Africa 2010

Dr. Wayne Hott
Yukon 2010
Kevin Steckley
South Africa 2010

David Hogan
Yukon 2010

Chip VanHouden
Namibia 2009

TROPHY ROOM (Be Sure to Check out the NEW Page 2!)

This is where we get to oggle at, and show off, our trophies. Whether it's a whitetail you shot locally or an elephant from Africa, we want to check them all out and hear your input on the hunt and outfitter.

Click HERE to email your images that are at least 600 pixles wide or tall along with:
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Mark Schulte
Colorado 2010

Dr. Ron Kutter
Zimbabwe 2010

P. Fitzpatrick
Namibia & Zambia 2010

Dr. Wayne Hott
Kansas 2010

Steve Brodie
Yukon 2010

Ronnie Ingle
South Africa 2011

Richard, Kevin & Leon Steckley
South Africa 2010
Jim Maslowski
North American Hunts
Ron Kutter
Texas 2011
Dr. Wayne & Brian Hott
Wyoming 2011
Mike Nicholas
2009-2011 Hunts
Stan Webb
Namibia 2007
Kevin Steckley
Nicaragua & Costa Rica 2012
Kevin Steckley
New Zealand 2012
Marc Murphy
South Africa 2012
Paul Fitzpatrick
British Columbia 2012