Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide by:

That’s why SCI Members are active in more than 100 countries, and why you’ll cherish your involvement with SCI. SCI fights tirelessly to protect the hunting heritage enjoyed by 15 million Americans and 45 million families around the globe.

Together, we help every sportsman and sportswoman understand how and why SCI is truly "First for Hunters." By joining SCI, you join the ranks of hunters spanning more than 100 countries who share the same passion for our hunting heritage and wildlife conservation as you enjoy your personal outdoor experience.

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To honor, obey and protect all laws, rules, regulations and obligations of our international organization.

To honor in our pursuits and the ideology of fair chase, be it fur, fin, fowl or feather.

To promote education and conservation, through out actions and deeds.  To be a mentor to all whose lives we touch, be they young or old alike.


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